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Ad Blocking Survival Guide Book

Strategies and Tactics for Web Publishers

Learn everything you need to know to detect, quantify and mitigate the threat of ad blocking on your website while moving beyond advertising as a sole source of revenue. Available now in eBook and Print formats. Buy this book today!

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PDF, ePub and Kindle versions included.
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What You'll Learn

How Ad Blocking Works

Gain a detailed understanding of how ad blocking technology works.

Detecting Ad Blocking

Learn how to add code to your website to detect when a visitor is blocking ads.

Analyze Ad Blocking Behavior

Use analytics to track how many of the visitors to your site are using an ad blocker.

Implement Ad Reinsertion

Use ad reinsertion to reclaim revenue lost to ad blocking.

Request Ad Blocker Whitelisting

Engage with your website visitors to promote ad blocker removal.

Deny Access to Ad Blocking Visitors

Implement strategies to deny access to your website for visitors using ad blocking.

Track Success of Anti-Ad Block Measures

Track the effectiveness of the anti-ad blocking strategies outlined in the book.

Native Advertising

Learn about the latest trend in online advertising and find out how it can be immune to ad blocking.

Develop Alternate Revenue Streams

Stop relying on online advertising as the sole source of revenue. Learn about other ways to turn your website traffic into income.



Includes PDF, ePub and Kindle versions of the book.




For those who prefer to hold a physical book.