Android Studio 4.1 Development Essentials - Java Edition

Android Studio 4.1 Development Essentials - Java Edition Book

Get up to speed on Android Studio 4.1, Motion Layout and the Android SDK.

Learn everything you need to know to develop Android apps using Android Studio 4.1 and Android Jetpack. Available in both print and eBook formats, this book includes 87 chapters of in-depth information including detailed tutorials and downloadable sample code. Buy this book today!

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What You'll Learn

Setting Up Android Studio

Install and configure the Android Studio 4.1 development environment.

Using the Emulator

Learn how to test apps using the Android Virtual Device Emulator environment and the Instant Run feature.

Android Studio Overview

Learn the intricacies of the Android Studio 4.1 environment including an in depth tour of the code editor tool.

User Interface Design

Use the layout editor, Sample Data and ConstraintLayout to design responsive UI layouts.

Database Integration

Integrate databases into your Android apps using Android Jetpack Room library.

Live Data and Data Binding

Change the way you buld apps with Live Data and Data Binding.

MotionLayout Animation

Add animation to your apps using the MotionLayout classes and Editor.

Architecture Components

Navigation, Room, LifeCycle and ViewModel components.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor app performance using the new Android Studio Profiler tool.


Learn how to build video and audio recording and playback into your Android apps.

Android Architecture

Understand the architecture of the Android SDK and Android apps

Much, Much More...

View bindings, touch handling, user interface animation and more. 87 chapters, over 780 pages and 48 examples apps (including source code).



Includes PDF, ePub and Kindle versions of the book.




For those who prefer to hold a physical book.


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