CentOS Stream 9 Essentials

CentOS Stream 9 Essentials Book

Learn to Install, Administer and Deploy CentOS 9 Systems.

Learn everything you need to know to install, use, deploy and administer systems running the CentOS 9 distribution. This book includes 34 chapters of in-depth information. Buy this book today!

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What You'll Learn

CentOS 9 Installation

Install CentOS 9 desktop and server editions

Dual Boot

Learn how to dual boot CentOS 9 alongside Windows.

GNOME 40 Desktop

Take a guided tour of the GNOME 40 Desktop environment.

Cockpit Overview

Use the Cockpit web interface to monitor and administer your system.

Firewall Configuration

Set up a firewall to secure your system.

Manage Packages

Make sure your system has the latest updates and install packages to add new features.

Remote Desktop

Configure remote acces to your CentOS 9 desktop environment.


Configure and manage networking and file sharing.


Turn your system into a virtualization host and run guest operating systems.

Linux Containers

Learn how to create, run and manage containers.

Logical Volume Management

Add new disk drives and manage disk space using logical volumes.

Mail and Web Server

Turn your CentOS 9 system into a mail or web server.



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