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VMware Server 2 Essentials eBook


VMware Server 2 Essentials is an in depth technical ebook designed teach IT staff, students and home users about the implementation of virtualized environments using the VMware Server 2 virtualization product. Topics covered include an overview of virtualization architectures, installing VMware Server 2 on Windows and Linux systems and in depth information on the creation and management of virtual machines using both the VMware Server 2.0 Infrastructure Web Access Interface and the command line tools. Other chapters cover areas such as virtual networking architecture, remote access to virtual machines using the VMware Remote Console Plug-in, virtual disk management and much more.

Product Details

Page Count: 145
Page Size: 8.50 x 11.00
Language: English
Format: PDF
Price: $8.99

eBook Contents

  • An Overview of Virtualization and VMware Server
  • Installing VMware Server on Linux Systems
  • Installing VMware Server on Windows Systems
  • A Guided Tour of the VMware Server Infrastructure Web Access Interface
  • Officially Supported VMware Server Guest Operating Systems
  • Creating VMware Server Virtual Machines
  • Installing and Using the VMware Remote Console Plug-in
  • Creating VMware Server Desktop and Web Shortcuts
  • Understanding and Installing VMware Tools
  • The VMware Tools Control Panel
  • Working with VMware Tools Scripts and Power States
  • Configuring VMware Server Host-Wide Settings
  • VMware Server Virtual Network Architecture
  • Managing and Configuring VMware Virtual Networks and Adapters
  • VMware Server NAT Configuration
  • VMware Server DHCP Configuration
  • Managing and Configuring VMware Server Virtual Disks
  • Command Line Management of VMware Virtual Disks
  • VMware Server Security - Understanding Access, Roles and Permissions
  • Controlling VMware Virtual Machines from the Command Line with vmrun

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