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Objective-C 2.0 Essentials - Third Edition

$12.99 (eBook)/$16.99 (Print)

Now updated for the new "Modern Objective-C" features introduced with the iOS 6 SDK, the goal of this book is to teach the skills necessary to program in Objective-C using a style that is easy to follow, rich in examples and accessible to those who have never used Objective-C before. Topics covered include the fundamentals of Objective-C such as variables, looping and flow control. Also included are details of object oriented programming, working with files and memory and the Objective-C Foundation framework.

Regardless of whether you are developing for Mac OS X or the iPhone, this book covers everything you need to know about the Objective-C language. Tell me more...

Ruby Essentials


Ruby Essentials provides a concise and easy to follow guide to learning Ruby. Everything from installing Ruby and the basics of the language through to topics such as arrays, file handling and object-oriented programming are covered, all combined with easy to understand code examples which serve to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Tell me more...

C# Essentials


The C# Essentials eBook contains 28 chapters of detailed information designed to provide everything necessary to gain proficiency as a C# programmer. On completing C# Essentials it is intended that the reader will have a firm knowledge foundation on which to begin developing complex C# based applications. Tell me more...

Visual Basic 2010 Essentials


Visual Basic 2010 Essentials is intended to be of use to both novices looking to learn Visual Basic 2010, and to those proficient in other languages that plan to cross-train. The Visual Basic language, combined with the Visual Studio, provides a uniquely powerful, yet easy to learn development environment allowing even the absolute beginner to rapidly create and deploy Windows applications. Tell me more...

PHP Essentials


The purpose of this book is bring the power and ease of use of PHP to anyone with a desire to learn PHP, and in doing so, join the tens of thousands of web developers who have already discovered the flexibility and productivity that comes with using PHP.

The book is intended to cover all aspects of PHP. Tell me more...

JavaScript Essentials


The purpose of this ebook is to teach the essentials of JavaScript so that anyone with a web site can use this powerful scripting language quickly and effectively. It provides detailed and in depth knowledge of all aspects of JavaScript from language basics through to advanced topics in 23 detailed chapters. This book is designed to provide a detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to follow, guide to developing powerful, dynamic web pages using JavaScript. Each subject area is accompanied by clear and concise examples putting theory into practice. Tell me more...

Windows PowerShell Essentials


Windows PowerShell Essentials provides everything necessary to get up to speed on this powerful and flexible shell scripting language for Microsoft Windows. This eBook covers the basics of the PowerShell language syntax, cmdlet overviews, integration with .NET and COM, development of graphical user interfaces using WinForms, graphics drawing with GDI+, PowerShell script security, file and file system handling and much more. Tell me more...

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